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Magnificent Silk Rug Persian Rug from Qum
This magnificent Persian Carpet Qum silk rug has the different and unusual design consists of 25 various parts which each section has an individu...
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Shirvan rug, Caucasian rug, Dated
A finely woven antique Shirvan rug, dated 1327 in the Islamic calendar which translates to 1909 in the gregorian calendar. For 106 years old it is...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Rugs, Persian Rug, Qahqai Rug Khamseh
A spectacular fine antique Oriental Khamseh circa 1880 with delicate, rare and exquisite craftsmanship. This Khamseh embodies the grace and antiqu...
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique west Turkish rug
West Turkish village rug, probably Yuntdag, ca. 1900. A grid of 4 x 3 squares filled with Memling guls is enclosed by a main border with a simple f...
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Antique Khotan rug
A central Asian rug with a classic triple medallion design on a red field, the medallions filled with flower heads and pomegranates the main border...
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Antique Tabriz rug
Classical antique Tabriz rug with a glorious subtle palette, the design has been beautifully executed with scrolling flower-laden branches around t...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Heriz rug
An antique Heriz rug, really one of the best we have had for a while. These are getting much harder to find in small sizes in great condition, as p...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Karabagh Wedding rug
A vivid and interesting antique Karabagh Wedding rug woven around 1880-1890 in very good original condition and with stunning early dyes! Rugs from...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Kirman rug
A remarkable antique Kirman rug in absolutely excellent condition. The dyes used in the weaving of this rug are truly fantastic. The variety and de...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Baktiari rug
An early antique Baktiari rug woven around 1900-1910, the design is very elegant and refined, often in a repeating garden design or using tribal an...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Daghestan Prayer Rug
This distinctive Daghestan prayer rug belongs to a group of early nineteenth-century Caucasian rugs that draw rows of alternating colorful ‘ashik...
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Peter Pap Oriental Rugs
Antique Kuba rug
An Antique Kuba rug in fantastic original condition with beautiful colours and varying in design from mother and daughter Boteh motifs in the centr...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Indian Agra Rug
Antique Indian Agra - central medallion design and floral motifs throughout, green and deep reds and pinks
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Persian Afshar Rug
Antique Oriental Afshar in rust, navy blue, black and gold - circa 1900 - Geometric all over design with four borders. Afshar weavers are renowned...
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Persian Afshar rug
Charming Persian village rug, ca. 1900, with a generous centre medallion and a few animal and human figures in the dark blue field.It is in excelle...
Legge Carpets Ltd.
Antique Tree of Life Silk Rug.
A silk Kirman tree of life Rug, with birds and a deer within borders. This beautiful rug is hand knotted.
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